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Saskatoon's four New Democratic Party MLAs from left to right, Cathy Sproule (Nutana), Opposition Leader Cam Broten (Massey Place), Danielle Chartier (Riversdale), David Forbes (Centre)

The constituency of Saskatoon Nutana is located in south central Saskatoon with its west border running along the South Saskatchewan River. It is home to the Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition Grounds, Marquis Downs and the Western Development Museum. The Broadway Avenue shopping district, which hosts such cultural festivals as the Fringe, is located here as well as L'Ecole Canadienne Francaise.


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2013/14 Question Period


Week of November 4 - 8, 2013

Q1 - Sproule - Crop Insurance

Mr. Speaker, many farmers are upset with how this government is dealing with insurance claims for wet acres. That's why just yesterday the SARM convention passed the following resolution, quote:

"Whereas Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation advised customers to increase their wet acre coverage; and 

Whereas customers were told the SCIC would base their claims on the declared wet acres;

Bet it resolved that Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation base the wet acre claims on what the customers declared for 2013."

To the Minister: What is this government's response to the resolution? Can producers expect action on these concerns?


Q2 - Sproule - Crop Insurance

Mr. Speaker, the Reeve for the RM of Kellross said this at the convention yesterday, quote:

"Last spring Lyle Stewart encouraged us to increase our coverage. Crop insurance customers were told that their claims would be treated in the same manner as other years. Well that obviously didn't happen." - end quote

The Reeve went on to say, quote: "We think we were treated unfairly in this situation and we feel that the government, the Ag Minister should revisit these claims." - end quote

Mr. Speaker, over the summer I heard this same concern from many farmers.

To the Minister: Is this government going to stubbornly refuse to listen, or will it revisit these claims?


Q3 - Sproule - Crop Insurance

Mr. Speaker, the SARM convention also passed a resolution yesterday which called for the Crop Insurance Corporation to extend its deadline to July 10th inorder to give producers and adequate period of time to apply for eligible flooded acres.

SARM delegates noted that the current deadline of June 20th is not an adequate length of time.

To the Minister: Is this government willing to listen to these concerns about Crop Insurance deadlines and will it make the necessary adjustments?